Olympic National Park   

We had a bit of driving to get from the northern section of North Cascades National Park to the extreme western section of Olympic National Park, so most of this day was spent driving the G6.  We had to go by an REI so Paul could get a new pad to sleep on because his had developed a leak.  We did make time for a stop at a Dairy Queen somewhere to have a burger and then a ferry ride.  And about the Pontiac G6, our rental car, it seemed to be a well made car, for a generic American-made sedan.  And unlike some of our rentals cars of the past, nothing fell off of it.  And it had a little pep too.  So here is a toast to the G6 - "Thanks for not stranding us in northern Washington."  And it did beat the Chevy Metro, 2-door that I had reserved.  Though getting 3 people and all that gear in a Metro would have made for better stories and certainly better photos.




first, we drive

then, the ferry ride

After arriving after dark, we decided to go into "town" and pickup some dinner.  We found a little Italian place (pronounced eye-talian) and even though the placed was an hour from their official closing time, they were unofficially closed.  So we decided to eat in their dining room.  The food was a lot like their service, forgettable.  But the store next door had cold beer.  So now I'm changing my rating of the restaurant to 4-stars. Tomorrow to the beaches.  Lots to see at Second Beach.

here's Eric foraging for food at 2nd Beach

beach logs = bad

Second Beach had tidal pools everywhere with urchins and starfish in 'em.

more pics from Second Beach

tents on the beach.  despite a dozen signs that say no camping.

tsunami = high ground.  I can remember that.

A great beach, though this was low tide.  very windy also.

Next, drive to Rialto Beach

it must be this way to that "high ground"


Lunch spot

It was cold here, partially because of the 40MPH winds.  Nice picnic areas.  Next we are off to the Ho Rain Forest, maybe 70 miles away.

Lots of elk here but we saw none.  A bunch of tracks, but no elk.  Did see a deer in the park though.  The rainforest was very warm and crowded, but really different from what I expected.  I never associated huge conifers with the rainforest.  Too many Tarzan movies I guess.

Dorf in a rainforest, or is that Dork in a rainforest?

Mt Tom through the trees

Several good day hikes done today, from the ocean to a rainforest.  Also saw a lot very poor areas and an Indian reservation.  Because of all the salmon in these waters we searched for smoked salmon to take home.  What we found was imported.  Hmm, so apparently smoked salmon don't swim in these waters, who knew. We also bought firewood that was bone dry but was not flammable.  We spent a good 30 minutes trying to start a fire that night.  But we did have beer and dehydrated food and that is a good combination any night.

Tomorrow Mount Rainier National Park.  But need more beer for tonight, to help us tolerate the children camping behind us.  Actually camping behind Paul and me, Eric was camping on the other side of the street.  And truthfully the kids were doing only what their parents were allowing, so we were tolerating the parents and fearing the children.  Two young boys that must have received a new BB-gun recently and after being told all of the "you'll put your eye out" horror stories, they were allowed to shoot at various objects around their campsite, and probably other campsites also, for hours.



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