Sunday (Day 2)

did a little walking the next morning, this is the riverfront. 

a little artwork near Jackson Sq on the riverfront again.  On our way back from Harrah's casino

nice balcony, right on Canal St by the river. 

Bourbon St - lotsa gentlemen's clubs on this block.  also lotsa religious folks everywhere

the drunk guy next to me referred to them as Jesus Freaks.  And yelled at them to "Go to hell."  Then he was hit with a wad of plastic beads.  I guess they decided that they couldn't save his soul after all.  And there are still people driving right across Bourbon St even in this crowd - great.  During the parades you see people, dressed in suits/dresses, pulling their luggage down sidewalks that are packed to capacity because the cabs can't get within 10 blocks of their hotels.  So they are forced to walk.

the garbage is piling up and the beads are flying already

that crowd of people in the street - a sure sign there are boobies being displayed

the pretty balloons mark the beginning/end of the gay section of the FQ

a balcony of 'boys'. notice the guy on the balcony with the sign.  one side reads 'show your dick' and the other says 'boobs next block' -

they are a vocal bunch

here we have drag queens - wanting to see more boy flesh

this guy showed his manhood to the old lady, who took a photo of it

  ooh, a new website.  there were people blowing bubbles everywhere - I dunno?

we're safe, the military has arrived.  but they're not wearing pants

ooh, is that brittney?

night time parade

shitty pic, but this is Rudy.  he was so drunk that he was dipping wads of beads in his goblet and then throwing the dripping mass into the crowd.  nice tights though

blurred pic, cool float

then there was nudity to be observed on Bourbon, but nothing special.  I'm starting to sense a pattern now - drinking, parades, boobs.

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