Gator Bowl '02

104-0429_IMG.JPG (907398 bytes)  everyone act natural -- or just stare at the guy with the camera -- Jeez!


104-0430_IMG.JPG (868197 bytes)104-0431_IMG.JPG (893027 bytes)  at least one person brought the face paint

104-0432_IMG.JPG (1032677 bytes)  Butch getting fired up before the game

104-0435_IMG.JPG (767043 bytes)  oh, there are few ND weenies down there

104-0437_IMG.JPG (1264961 bytes)  great place for a portable toilet, if you don't want anyone to use it

104-0438_IMG.JPG (1023977 bytes)  at last, the beer has arrived !

104-0439_IMG.JPG (987326 bytes)  but it's leaving.  notice Homer got his mug in the bottom corner of this photo

104-0443_IMG.JPG (1355341 bytes)104-0442_IMG.JPG (1362767 bytes)  a lot of red out there!  and this is the ND side of the stadium

104-0445_IMG.JPG (1179414 bytes)  Jacksonville skyline.  complete with construction equipment for the new coliseum

104-0446_IMG.JPG (1369907 bytes)  pre-game.  

some things seemed a little low-budget for a new year's day bowl game

104-0448_IMG.JPG (1298423 bytes)104-0452_IMG.JPG (1107251 bytes)  lots of red on the east side of Alltel stadium

104-0449_IMG.JPG (1563830 bytes)104-0450_IMG.JPG (1425012 bytes)  the south endzone

104-0451_IMG.JPG (1554121 bytes) 104-0447_IMG.JPG (1643633 bytes)  the north endzone

104-0455_IMG.JPG (1430556 bytes)  again, a few minutes later

104-0454_IMG.JPG (1372044 bytes)104-0453_IMG.JPG (1651414 bytes)  lets get this game started

104-0457_IMG.JPG (1420793 bytes)  ahhh!

104-0459_IMG.JPG (1697281 bytes)  oooh, halftime show

104-0461_IMG.JPG (1574726 bytes)  looks like the entire city of Raleigh drove down for this one

104-0462_IMG.JPG (968639 bytes)  hmmm

104-0463_IMG.JPG (891568 bytes)  3rd quarter and we have early departures

104-0466_IMG.JPG (932022 bytes)  104-0467_IMG.JPG (1279086 bytes)  post game celebration

104-0465_IMG.JPG (1075180 bytes)  as Notre Dame departs

104-0471_IMG.JPG (1243777 bytes)  leaving the stadium

104-0472_IMG.JPG (861597 bytes)  at The Landing for the celebration

where a lot of things were actually closed.  Even some of the bars. Interesting...

104-0475_IMG.JPG (1894675 bytes)  a cannon protecting us from the French, in St Augustine

104-0473_IMG.JPG (1075550 bytes)  on a mission in St Augustine

104-0476_IMG.JPG (1945709 bytes)  that's The Cathedral of St Augustine in the background, and a pretty Nissan pickup in the front

104-0478_IMG.JPG (2576859 bytes)  see, told ya


104-0481_IMG.JPG (2658255 bytes)104-0480_IMG.JPG (1637660 bytes)  outside the cathedral

there were some great stained glass windows and beautiful woodwork inside but I pretended to have some manners by not taking photos inside while people were praying

104-0482_IMG.JPG (2063983 bytes)104-0483_IMG.JPG (1518742 bytes)  St George St - the one on the right has the city gates in the background

104-0485_IMG.JPG (1838946 bytes)104-0486_IMG.JPG (2273768 bytes)  more shots of the city gates - at one time the only way in or out of the city

 104-0484_IMG.JPG (2099557 bytes)  the oldest wood school house

St Augustine has the oldest everything.  you could spend a week just visiting everything historical that is named the Oldest [whatever].

104-0487_IMG.JPG (1718285 bytes)  the Allen clan headed toward the Castillo de San Marcos.  

104-0490_IMG.JPG (1544165 bytes)  another shot of Castillo de San Marcos.  A very cool fort

104-0493_IMG.JPG (2182660 bytes)  just an old home converted into a B&B now.  really nice look though

104-0491_IMG.JPG (2585684 bytes)104-0492_IMG.JPG (2423120 bytes)   lots of old cemeteries here too.  

all of the ones we saw stayed locked though.  they must have some problems with vandals

104-0494_IMG.JPG (2345679 bytes)  another nice old home.  again now a B&B.  I guess if you spend a million bucks+ on a house you have to find a way to make the mortgage payments

104-0495_IMG.JPG (1779732 bytes)  the Methodist church that Henry Flagler built, though he was not Methodist

104-0496_IMG.JPG (2264196 bytes) 104-0495_IMG.JPG (1779732 bytes) 2 more of the church

104-0497_IMG.JPG (1948767 bytes) 104-0498_IMG.JPG (1278479 bytes)  a couple of shots of Flagler College. Once Flagler's Ponce de Leon Hotel

104-0499_IMG.JPG (2175127 bytes)104-0500_IMG.JPG (1233773 bytes)105-0501_IMG.JPG (1852880 bytes)105-0502_IMG.JPG (1997796 bytes)  a few more

105-0503_IMG.JPG (1999179 bytes)  one more.  I like this photo.  very nice architecture

105-0504_IMG.JPG (2183448 bytes)  the Lightner Museum.  A collection of collections


105-0505_IMG.JPG (2895423 bytes) 105-0512_IMG.JPG (2319776 bytes) the courtyard

105-0506_IMG.JPG (2493030 bytes)  Glenda relaxing in the courtyard

105-0510_IMG.JPG (1333729 bytes)  more random shots of architecture

105-0513_IMG.JPG (1720048 bytes) 105-0514_IMG.JPG (1417391 bytes) another Flagler hotel. this one is Casa Monica.

I'm sure we could have stayed there but we wanted to stay in the Best Western.  it's a much nicer hotel

105-0517_IMG.JPG (1461735 bytes) 105-0516_IMG.JPG (2273835 bytes)  The Huguenot Cemetery.  Once again locked

105-0518_IMG.JPG (1791479 bytes)  this is from outside the old city gates looking down St George St

105-0519_IMG.JPG (1792235 bytes)  St George at 9am.  people don't get up too early in this town

105-0520_IMG.JPG (2251929 bytes)  another private residence that I liked the looks of.  this one is off King St

ah, if only I had a couple of million $ lying around

  this trip took its toll on everyone