Fat Tuesday

Zulu's parade, and only 2 1/2 hours late

Pete Fountain has his own walking group.  There are lots of little parades today.  Just a few friends deciding to have a parade for Mardi Gras.

and what says Happy Mardi Gras more than a few cross-dressing, chain-smoking, homosexuals

welcome to the gay section of da quarter on Fat Tuesday

saw some things here that I will not soon forget

very colorful

the religious folks spent a lot of time getting ridiculed in this area

real leather chaps, imagine that

and a 6'5" blonde "girl"

it is hard for me to believe some of these guys are really gay

there is a costume contest today also.  and heterosexuals might be allowed to enter it, but I'm not sure

this was called "kiss of death," he won a first place prize.  Notice the cross-dressing MC's on the left.

the judges for the contest


2 more prize winners

the MC's


the crowd is starting to pickup

a costume made of beads


M meets another friend

lots of body paint out today

look at all the cameras

mom must be so proud

just be glad that this one is out of focus


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