Derby Day 2005

OK, I had to go see a friend in KY, and decided the best time would be the first Saturday in May. So I talked a couple of guys into riding up and filled the Honda with gas and headed to Louisville to drink.  580 miles & 9 hours later we were there and drinking.

There was lots of flesh, lots of drunks, lots of sunshine, lots of rednecks and I think there were horses there too.


First the religious photos

a few of the crowd

ah, the early sleepers

not passed out... yet

now the mullet photos

horsehead hat, how original

winning jockey, or just a little guy wearing a shiny pink & green outfit

Sunday, side trip to Big South Fork

Devil's Jump Overlook

Yahoo Arch

Yahoo Falls


I could see this becoming a spring tradition, just without the horses and the rednecks. well without the horses anyway.