North Kaibab Trail photos


nkaibab_186.jpg (1205039 bytes)  just more great views

101-0155_IMG.JPG (920137 bytes)  a little candy striped rock

101-0156_IMG.JPG (1556487 bytes)  I call this one gorilla head

101-0157_IMG.JPG (1807022 bytes)  going down over here, boss

101-0158_IMG_2.JPG (965337 bytes)  here's Jay taking an unscheduled break

101-0159_IMG.JPG (1516000 bytes)  a little clowning around 

101-0160_IMG.JPG (2192173 bytes)  101-0161_IMG.JPG (2149390 bytes)  101-0163_IMG.JPG (1853111 bytes) coupla' rock photos

101-0165_IMG.JPG (1563235 bytes)  and the shitter

just to break away for a minute.  But a question has haunted me since I left AZ.... How many people are so ignorant that they have thrown lit cigarettes into the pit toilets at national parks?  Every one you go near has 3 or 4 "No Smoking" signs on it & in it.  Plus plenty of universal diagrams showing this.  Who would even smoke in a pit toilet?  Nevermind.

101-0175_IMG.JPG (1613405 bytes)  101-0176_IMG.JPG (1526746 bytes)  ooh, there's some down still to go

101-0177_IMG.JPG (1367388 bytes)  more trail - "I predict pain"

101-0178_IMG.JPG (1408691 bytes)  a great trail photo

101-0181_IMG.JPG (1534609 bytes)  there's our footbridge across the crik'

101-0182_IMG.JPG (1332077 bytes)  101-0184_IMG.JPG (1521276 bytes)  lotsa' red and lotsa switchbacks

101-0185_IMG.JPG (1560682 bytes)  please no more switchbacks

101-0186_STA.JPG (1214517 bytes)  101-0189_IMG.JPG (1225998 bytes)  101-0190_IMG.JPG (1392664 bytes)  but they lead to views like these

101-0191_IMG.JPG (1573211 bytes)  101-0192_IMG.JPG (1498223 bytes)  a few more shots of Phantom Canyon

101-0193_IMG.JPG (1059207 bytes)  101-0194_IMG.JPG (1032666 bytes)  101-0195_IMG.JPG (1215473 bytes)  a gorgeous section of trail

101-0196_IMG.JPG (1165642 bytes)    followed by Paul with an unscheduled break

101-0197_IMG.JPG (1269645 bytes)  but sometimes you have to stop & just look around

101-0199_IMG.JPG (1089806 bytes)  other times there's work to be done

102-0201_IMG.JPG (1231902 bytes)  a helipad and a pumphouse and a little trail on the right

102-0202_IMG.JPG (1201054 bytes)  here I take a picture of someone taking a picture, Wow!

102-0205_IMG.JPG (1515529 bytes) 102-0206_IMG.JPG (1470640 bytes) 102-0207_IMG.JPG (1572619 bytes)  Roaring Springs

102-0203_IMG.JPG (1029123 bytes)  I call this one Insignificance

102-0212_IMG.JPG (1422554 bytes)  Jay looking for his pager

102-0213_IMG.JPG (1086740 bytes)  here Jay shows off his 5 lbs of trail mix

a few lbs of these mysteriously disappeared one night when he visited the facilities

102-0214_IMG.JPG (1507433 bytes)  this one is for all the ladies

if you think they look good, you should smell 'em!

102-0216_IMG_2.JPG (639207 bytes)  sunset from Cottonwood


cottonwood_222.jpg (1229051 bytes)  didn't even have to leave the campsite for this one


102-0236_IMG.JPG (893238 bytes) 102-0237_IMG.JPG (1058748 bytes)  first light at Cottonwood CG

102-0241_IMG.JPG (1668302 bytes)  the first part of the trail just follows the creek

102-0244_IMG.JPG (896283 bytes)  I repeat, you cannot protect people from themselves


nkaibab_245.jpg (1595267 bytes)  another great photo op

102-0268_IMG.JPG (1312965 bytes)  a shady spot for lunch

101-0198_IMG.JPG (1269126 bytes)  where's the cactus, you say