Bright Angel Trail

  103-0306_IMG.JPG (1075580 bytes)  103-0307_IMG.JPG (1258883 bytes)  103-0308_IMG.JPG (1175788 bytes)  103-0309_IMG.JPG (1098477 bytes)  crossing the Colorado in the morning

103-0310_IMG.JPG (1145824 bytes)

102-0296_IMG_2.jpg (373421 bytes)  and the moon over black bridge (rated PG)

the first part of the trail follows the river  river_312.jpg (2133442 bytes)


103-0319_IMG.JPG (1239516 bytes)  103-0320_IMG.JPG (1369955 bytes)  103-0321_IMG.JPG (1145318 bytes)  Desert Bighorn Sheep 

103-0322_IMG.JPG (1317030 bytes)  103-0323_IMG.JPG (1226074 bytes)  doing a little uphill today 

seems to be a little hesitation, maybe the grade of the trail?  103-0335_IMG.JPG (1209722 bytes)

103-0336_IMG.JPG (1352924 bytes)  more mule deer, they're everywhere!

103-0337_IMG.JPG (1289352 bytes)  this one is laying on the ground, very much afraid of us obviously.

103-0338_IMG.JPG (780999 bytes)  more wildlife

103-0355_IMG.JPG (581104 bytes)  sun disappearing and it's not even 4pm yet

103-0364_IMG.JPG (1027895 bytes)  Jeez, there's more up!

103-0375_IMG.JPG (1038349 bytes)  103-0379_IMG.JPG (876903 bytes)  103-0381_IMG.JPG (847122 bytes)  coupla' tunnels means we're nearing the end

103-0376_IMG.JPG (927908 bytes) an observation point up on the south rim